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                                                                                                                                                                                                   Issue 47 - August 2015

2014 WGPO Word Cup

2014 National SCRABBLE Championship

2015 North American School SCRABBLE Championship

The Last Word is an independent publication for tournament SCRABBLE® players.  It is not affiliated with Hasbro, Mattel, the North American SCRABBLE® Players Association (NASPA), or the Word Game Players’ Organization (WGPO), and does not profess to promote any particular organization, tournament, or event.  Our mission is to provide content of interest to all SCRABBLE® players, so please let us know if there are topics you would like us to add.  We welcome contributions: stories, artwork, etc. 

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Editor-in-Chief: Cornelia Guest

Columnists: Jan Cardia, Judy Cole, Joe Edley, Adam Henderson, Jeff Kastner, Daiva Markelis, Tony Rasch, Larry Sherman, Chris Sinacola, Siri Tillekeratne, Linda Wancel

Editors-at-large: Robin Pollock Daniel, Joe Edley, Stefan Fatsis, Ted Gest

Photographer-at-large: Betsey Wood

Contributors:  Paul Avrin, Lynda Finn, Ted Gest, Ed Hepner, Patricia Hocker, Maliha Mahmood, Gary Moss, Linda Oliva, Rafi Stern, Weibin Toh, Noah Walton

The Last Word is a volunteer effort.  We appreciate your donations.

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